Up/down and left/right navigation

Probably a question for @Brian2. In the app I can navigate using an up / down scroll and this scrolls down through categories - eg artists, tracks etc. Within each of these categories are the media that make them up. If I want to see more than those displayed I click “view all” and now have a left / right scroll within them.

It seems fairly natural and easy for me to be able to do both in 1 screen. Scroll down between categories and scroll left / right within them without having to click “view all”.

Another quick point - it would be great to be able to see the audio quality of the media easily - such as Tidal Masters, MQA. Also if something exists in multiple quality formats is it feasible / reasonable to assume the user wants the best quality one (eg an album on Tidal that is Master and non Master - if i search Now I can’t easily see which is which - hence the extra info request).