Up next on now playing

What about showing what’s up next on the now playing screen?

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It was in 1.5 but got dropped in 1.6. The answer I got when I asked for it was that people were getting stressed out knowing what was coming next. Have no idea why.

Ha, the same reasoning as that behind Roon’s somewhat mystifying decision to no longer show, on the device setup page, the resolutions a DAC was capable of.

I’ve requested this be reinstated several times, with no results.

So, good luck to this feature request.

I open the queue if I really want to know, and I agree the play bar shouldn’t be cluttered with too much stuff.

I can’t find your feature request, can you link it? Definitely agree with this one, if shown only on the device setup page (info for geeks).

Here’s one, at least. There are a couple others where I either talk about it directly or in passing. I just have to find the appropriate search term. IMHO, the Discourse software search capability isn’t very helpful.

As it turns out, it wasn’t a feature request, which is why you couldn’t find it there. Nonetheless, my request was clear in all cases.

Is it a feature request to request something be put back? Dunno.:slightly_smiling_face:

OK, after another search (2 hours later and after coffee) I found this -

And this which, as it turns out, is in Feature Requests -

If up next was there, I don’t get why Roon removed it instead of making it a choice to show or not.