Up/Oversampling please!

I think there was some chatter about this some time ago, but I wonder if we’re likely to see this feature implemented in the near future? With a NOS dac (Metrum Hex) connected to my laptop via usb, I want to oversample the signal before it reaches the dac. Currently I have to do this via JRiver, and unfortunately the way JRiver and Roon work together can be problematic at best. It’d be great to have Roon as a one-stop solution. Personally I think just a 2x / 4x oversample option would be sufficient…please! :smile:

What are you hoping to achieve with this?

At the risk of opening a can of worms around a much debated issue…there are high frequency losses associated with using a NOS dac. Upsampling the signal before sending it onto the dac alleviates much of the issue.

Hi Mark,

Integration with HQPlayer, which has extensive over sampling options and very well regarded selection of filters, is on the roadmap:

Integration is likely to require users to acquire a licence from HQPlayer (there is a free trial period). I haven’t heard of plans for over sampling outside of HQPlayer integration.

Thanks for the link, I’ll check out the demo.

The HQPlayer interface has been described as utilitarian at best. It is definitely worth reading the material about how to use it and how the various filter options work.

I wasn’t able to get Roon and HQPlayer to work together and haven’t seen reports of anyone doing so. As you will see from the thread there are quite a few people who are using only Roon or HQPlayer but who will take up a subscription to the other upon integration.