Up-sampling Not Working Properly Anymore on KEF LS50-W

I have been a new setup of Roon with a nucleus, year to year, but will upgrade to lifetime if all issues are resolved.

I have it Ethernet attached to my network (Orbi base with 2 satellites) Xfinity 160 MG/ down-10 MB-up typical speed. I am running Roon on their nucleus/Tidal and music loaded via USP WD 1TB My Passport Ultra drive, which can normally see the Kef LS50-W and attach to them.

Issue: Two days ago I was successfully able to up-sample all music to 24 196, but last night the flow path showed this was no longer occurring though the setting were the same, and I removed all DSP and and retried with no success. What would cause this, and how to stop this?

Hello @David_Wilson1,

Thanks for contacting support, I’d be happy to assist here. I have a few questions as to properly being troubleshooting:

  • Can you please provide a screenshot of your Signal Path while there is music playing?
  • Can you provide a screenshot of your DSP Settings -> Sample Rate Conversion Page?
  • How are the LS50-W connected to the Core in this instance? Are you using USB from the Core to the LS50s or are you using Ethernet and steaming over the network?
  • Have you rebooted your Core, KEF LS50’s and Router/Switches in this setup and the issue still persists afterwards?

Please let me know your response to the above questions when possible.