Up sampling roon to Bartok

I’m really enjoying the new Bartok and have starting fiddling with some of the settings within roon. I set roon to upsample files to DSD and not sure if I’m hearing much of a difference. My question is: Bartok already upsamples everything to DSD so, is there any reason to do (or not to do) this in roon?

If you buy a great DAC, the best bet is to just send it the music unprocessed and let it do its thing.


Thats what I thought. Thanks for confirming.

Ultimately, you should listen and decide for yourself. I have a dCS Rossini and tried both ways, and ultimately decided I preferred to send the stream as-is (ie no Roon upsampling).


Just adding a fine point to this old thread:

A “great DAC” may or may not have upsampling. They are different functions. In the case of the dCS Bartok and Rossini they are both top tier DACs that include upsampling. As such, it is much better to use dCS’s DSP than Roon’s.

For non-upsampling DACs, one may benefit from the upsampling software contained in Roon.

Another fine point: if every artist/studio recorded in DSD or DXD, there would be no need for upsampling ; )

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