Upcoming concert notification

Something like this?
Optional offcoarse.

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There is Songkick integration already.

Not many concerts (none) in the UK just now… Songkick works well in Roon.

Tonight we have this

A few friends and LRB artist performing…

I know, but it is hidden at the bottom at the moment, plus, the option on the now playing screen is more dynamic in nature. Getting notified while playing. That also works great with Roon radio. Here a nice song, see that they are playing in the neighboorhood and go. I do this quite often with less known bands, it’s often very surprising. Same for your favourite bands. How many times do you visit the artists page of the bands you know very well?. A concert alert would be very nice.

The world goes on after Corona you know

Of coarse it does, we still have a long wait though…

Oh so you were proposing a new design? Sorry, was not clear from the OP