Update 1.6 not successful on Windows 10 pro


I started Roon last night and the update dialog popped up. I clicked the “update all now” link, the Roon application exited, but instead of starting again the Roon logo disappeared from the desktop link. When I double click the Roon application desktop link or trying to start Roon from the menu (where the logo also is not there, just a blank icon) I get the dialog “Windows is searching for Roon.exe” and have the option to browse or cancel.

I’m assuming the update failed after deleting the old version and never got to install the update. My configuration is Windows 10 pro running on a Dell laptop with Intel i5 and 8GB memory.

If my subscription is still good can I run uninstall in windows and just re-install from scratch? Please advise on how to proceed.

Thank you

Hello @Charles_Farmer,

I believe your Roon.exe shortcut may have just gone missing. Can you check to see if it is listed under your Database Directory/Application/Roon.exe? I would make a new shortcut to your desktop if so (right-click -> Send to -> Desktop [Create Shortcut]). Please let me know if that helps.


Hi Noris -

Thanks for the quick response! Before I got your email I uninstalled Roon without selecting the uninstall “settings and database” and then re-installed it from your website and the system appears to be working fine now.

The Roon logo still did not appear on the desktop short cut. I deleted the desktop shortcut and followed your instructions to “send to desktop”. The short cut on the desktop works, but still does not have the logo on it. When I create a shortcut in the application folder (users\main\appdata\local\roon\application) the logo does appear on the shortcut. Is it a possible permissions problem with the file that contains the logo image?

Maybe when I run the installation program I need to select “run as administrator”? I am logged in as the administrator, but I think Win 10 has a weird thing about having to right click on the exe and select “run as administrator” to actually have it run as administrator even if you are logged in as that. Not sure if clicking the update link in your dialog has any way to do that from inside Roon. If you think that might fix it, let me know, and I would be happy to uninstall/re-install to test that out.

Let me know if there is some easy way in Windows to “point” the shortcut to the logo file.

Thanks for the support!


I right clicked on desktop icon and selected “properties” and then clicked on the “Change Icon” button. It was pointed to the Roon icon and the icon was showing up in the properties dialog. I clicked Ok and it still did not show up. I repeated this exact process and when I clicked Ok it worked the second time? Anyway, everything seems to be working again.



The mysteries of operating systems.

More like the certainty of something odd happening when using Windows… :grin:
I will never go over to MacOS, but I do have a love/hate relationship with Windows and Microsoft…

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I was trying to be discreet :wink:

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