Update 806: none of my remotes connect to ROON Rock

Roon Rock: NUC i-5 8th generation
Networking devices: Netgear modem and router
Devices: Windows 10 pcs and Android tablet Samsung Tab A 10.1
Library size: About 600 CDs

After update 806, none of my Windows based remotes will connect to Roon Rock. Neither does an Android remote.
Rock is okay: rebooted it twice. But, the remotes won’t connect. I’m asked for my login credentials but when I enter them, I’m asked if I want to install a Core on my computer. This is very frustrating.

Everything was working fine until update 806. So, nothing wrong with network, or remotes, or anything.

Help, please

Have you tried updating Roon on your remotes ?


Hello @Sucheta_Mazumdar,

Thanks so much for letting us know of this. @Andre_Gosselin’s suggestion is the perfect first step (thanks :pray:).

Could you please confirm that all your devices (Core & remotes) are updated to the latest build?

Hey @Sucheta_Mazumdar,

I wanted to see if there are any updates on the issues you’ve been having connecting your remotes. Are things any better? Can we help? :nerd_face:

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I did. Thanks very much for the follow-up.

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