Update and no DAC

I got an update notification today. So, I updated everything and now I can’t find my DAC. I’m running an older MacBook Pro 17 and it stay updated. I connect to my Denafrips Ares 2 using an Audioquest USB cable. The Mac sees the Denafrips in the sound icon; however, Roon doesn’t see any output devices.

What changed? What do I do?

Is that on build 903 or the absolutely latest build 904 which was released this afternoon to help remedy some of these problems.

It’s build 904. Interesting enough, I opened Roon on my iPad and it said that the core hadn’t updated. So, I updated it and now it finds my DAC. I’m not sure what happened today; however, I think I’m all good…


That’s what I hoped!
B903 was problematic for some on older Mac.
Roon rushed out a fix with b904 today.

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