Update AntipodesEX Server - Unexpected Error: InvalidRemoteData [Resolved - Antipodes server issue]

Roon Core Machine

Version: AMSv3.1
Model: D2

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Vodafone Router, Connection via WiFi and Ethernet (two Remote Macs)

Connected Audio Devices

Antipodes EX

Number of Tracks in Library


Description of Issue

Perfectly well working system.
Update from Antipodes SW to
Version: AMSv3.1
Model: D2
Update Successful - but Login from Roon Remote to Roon Core on AntipodesEX causing same error message (regardless if Roon Remote is in Wifi or Ethernet):

Unexpected error: InvalidRemoteData

On the remote did you check what the core is under settings-general?
You might need to change core as Roon may see it as a whole new core.

not sure I get you.
but if I start Room-Remote I select the core (which is “green”). then I try to login with the error described

Are there choice of cores or just the one showing?

Just saw the screenshot you added, that looks good.

And I assume you have hard rebooted both devices to see if that helps?

there is only my antipodes as an option.
reboot has been done, yes.

Have you checked the Antipodes forum itself.
These updates have been problematic for more than a few users so far and this looks similar to a post I saw on their earlier today.

I can’t even get as far as yourself ATM.:sunglasses:

I just have contacted the antipodes support so far - do you mind sharing the link to the forum you refer to?

Interesting read…

Upgrading AMSv3.1 - AMS Software - Antipodes User Support Forum

hmm - seems there is a problem - but no available public solution…
thanks by the way!

Well shoot…
They must be changing some stuff behind the scenes because both my ipad and android phone are now doing exactly the same with same error message.
Just wonderful…

Looks like it is actually a Roon cloud server issue and not Antipodes.

Try again as it appears to be resolved at least for myself right now

hi - indeed - seems to work now at least login etc.
but squeezebox setup is not working yet - thanks a lot!

support from antipodes was awesome - anydesk access, fix in 5minutes.
absolutely great!

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