Update Bookmarks

Being able to update bookmarks would be great. I have a bookmark with a few settings. Now I want to add “Sorted by Album Title”. But as far as I know I have to create an entirely new bookmark.


I just created new bookmark with the same name with a different sort criteria, I was hoping it would ask me if I wanted to overwrite the existing one. It didn’t!! I ended up with two bookmarks with same name but sorted differently.
I just deleted the old one.
It will get real confusing if you have a bunch of them with the same name…

Bump. As the number, and complexity, of my bookmarks increase, the ability to UPDATE a bookmark would be very welcome. Not very user friendly to have to add a new one, delete the old [one], and then move the new one to its correct place in the bookmark list.


Don’t make us type the bookmark name again and ask if it’s ok to overwrite. Instead, present an “update bookmark” option to overwrite an existing entry, alongside the current “add bookmark”. This will avoid typing the bookmark name again and retain its position in the list.

This is such a simple and needed feature. I’m really surprised it has been prioritized in nearly 3 years.


+1 for having the possibility to modify existing bookmark.

Please make this happen!

Bumping this again. This would be a great feature to have. I find myself updating bookmarks often.

Vote this up!

I tweak bookmarks all the time, when adjusting focus and tags. Also a bookmark hierarchy would be nice.

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