Update Devices Before Core

The Fall ‘21 update info. email states “ Please don’t forget to update your IOS and Android devices before accepting the update on your Core.”
How do you do that when the update, from within Roon, only provides an “update all” button?

Use the App-Store (IOS) or Play-Store (Android) for downloading the latest version.

What happens if the core is first updated? And can this process be reversed?

Right, except… when I try that there is only an “open” option in the App Store which opens Roon and I then get only the “Update All” option but no “update IOS and Android devices first option.

Updates/Releases in Play-Store (Android) or App-Store (IOS) are updated Country-by-country. So they are not available at the same time all over the world. Might take just a couple of hours.

Good question. Having been burned by the updater, in the past, I’m reluctant to proceed but, in the absence of solid answers to ambiguous instructions… I guess it’s our only choice, just… don’t forget to update your devices before updating the core… I mean “update all”.

Then, I’ll keep trying… all over again. I hope it’s not alphabetical. The U.S. is pretty far down that list.

I would wait until all the Android and iOS remotes have updated before updating the core. If you update the Core first, then the remotes will loose the ability to see/control the Core.

Android users can download the apk and install it directly themselves if they are not seeing an option to Update in the Google Play store. The apk can be found on Roon’s download page.

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I made the mistake of updating my remotes (2x 2010 Mac Mini, IPhoneX and iPad Pro gen1 before my Nucleus. Fortunately all is well.

I think that was right. The instruction is first (all?) the remotes and later the core. But I don’t understand why?

Because if you update the Core first, then the remotes could not connect to it until they had been updated. For Apple users, the iOS update might be held up by Apple, and if so, you would be stuck with no way to control your RoonServer.

So it seems you have to update at least one of your remotes and not all of them before updating your core!

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