Update FilePath in Roon Playlists

I’m restructuring my library and need to move files around on different servers due to capacity issue.

I’ve multiple Roon playlist that I’ve created over years.

How do I update the filepath in the Playlist to the new folder structure?

Is there a way to Export Roon Playlist, fix the file paths and then Import it back with a new folder structure?

Ok found a way to “Select All” in Playlist and Export to Excel.
However some of my playlist is mix of Tidal tracks and local file.

The Export to Excel does not reference Tidal tracks so I’ll lose Tidal tracks from Playlist when I Re-import it.

Is there a work around to preserve the Tidal tracks in mixed Playlist?


I’m pretty sure that Roon will manage the relocation of your files and the Roon playlists will get updated automatically.

I would suggest following the method as a test.

  • Stop the Roon Core
  • Move an album or two that have tracks referenced in a playlist.
  • Start Roon Core

On restart Roon will rescan the file-system and update its database to reflect the new location of the moved file.

Once done, check that playlist has also been updated by playing some of affected tracks.

If all is well, you know know you are good to go with the full restructuring of your files.

One piece of additional advice is make sure you have a current backup of both the Roon database and your music files.

Hope that helps.

Hi Carl,
Its great to hear Roon will auto adjust the paths.
As you suggested I’ll try few tracks and if it works then do a batch move.

Good news. I moved one Album to a different folder and Voila!! Roon auto-corrected the path.
Now moving all other files and report back.

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Excellent news, you should be all good now.

I moved all the files and restarted Roon.
However its taking a long time as Roon is scanning all the files again.
I checked few albums and paths are still NOT updated.
I guess I’ll wait until its finished to check the paths.

Roon is still tagging for past 2 days and i still do not see the path’s updated.
Its still not finished but want to check if Roon updates the path at the end of tagging?


Are the numbers still going up or is it stuck?

Sometimes a reboot helps … esp. after moving so many tracks.

I’ll tag @support so they can pitch in if required.

The numbers are going up. Just want to ensure the Paths will be corrected after Roon is done tagging. Don’t want to wait for 3 days and find out the Path are not updated

The controlled test demonstrated that Roon will update your playlists … and this is what I expect to happen once the Roon Core has completed scanning your music files and updating all the links in the database.

400k tracks is a significant sized collection, but I am surprised that the scanning is taking that long to complete…

What is the hardware specification of the machine that the Roon Core running on and where are the audio files stored?

Also how are these device(s) connected to your network?

Here is HW Specfication
Roon Core is running on Windows 10 Enterprise Edition with Amd Ryzen 9 3950 (16core/32 Thread) 32 GB RAM
Storage is on FreeNas server with 32 GB ECC Ram connected to Network via Link Aggregation (LAGG)
All devices are wired connect to Asus RT-88C router.

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Currently Roon is at this stage and still tagging.
However Roon keeps on rescanning the \FreeNas\Audio Folder


Roon has finished tagging after 4 days of intense CPU and network activity. Roon used about 38GB of internet data while tagging in these 4 days
Seems like the file paths are corrected except handful of albums did not auto correct and those I fixed it manually.
Examples are Celine Dion All the Way of Decades of Songs.

Thanks for the update, glad it worked out … albeit it took quite a long time.

From what I understand if you had been using DAS rather than NAS it would have completed faster.

DAS won’t work for me as I have 4U SuperMicro Server.