Update from Roon core 1.6 to 1.7 does not work

Core Machine (Nucleus i7 according the roon specifications/System info/Roon build number 1.6)

Network Details (Including cisco unmanged switch / fritz box7490/Ethernet)

Audio Devices (Naim NDxS2.)

Update of roon core does not start from 1.6 to 1.7 pls see below

Remediation is highly appreciated.

Hi, @CTH, sorry for troubles. Could you, please, try rebooting ROCK and see how it goes?



I have the exact same problem. My remotes (phone & tablet) have been automatically updated, but the NUC-based ROCK core fails to update. Rebooted it twice, reinstalled the OS once; internet connection fully functional, but the core either keeps “checking for an update” or reports a failure.

My macOS laptop Roon-app has not been updated and happily connects to the core.

EDIT: OK, obviously not the exact same issue here. Reboots didn’t solve the issue for me.
Symptoms are the same though.

I have the exact same issue

Hi Ivan, I rebooted the fritz box and rock. Afterwards it was working.
Thank you

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Hours later, not sure how many, the ROCK update succeeded. Core and remotes all running 1.7 and working fine.

Issue solved, or more accurately, dissolved.

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