Update kills Rock 1.0.221 [resolved]

what recovery did you use? did you re-download it or use an older recovery?

after the latest recovery, you should not be getting updates

why do you think it’s updating then?

yes, you can always unauthorize safely.

After I rebooted, the Rock showed me a successful IP address was obtained, I switched to another PC, and managed to see the Web UI, at the same time I took a peek at my phone, and there I could see the update taking place with no option to cancel it… (screen here)

please redownload the recovery – you are running a very very old recovery.

I downloaded your current install disc and flashed it to a USB with etcher. I did not use an old install. I used recover. After restarting I chose update per your instructions. The system has not come back form the update after 15 minutes so I am going to reboot it since it is not outputting to the HDMI.
I will step through it again but NOT UPDATE.

if you redownload latest, you will not “update” – it has latest code on it. please re-download.

I downloaded from the link you provided in this thread, how can it be old? I also flashed a new Flash drive and it is exactly the same… could it be that you have an old build on the link you provided?

I downloaded form the site. But can you send me a link so we are talking about the same thing?

Two hours ago I downloaded the image on the site and it was 219 now it is 221. WTF?

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Ok, so 219 saw and recovered from my SSD without a problem. 221 does not see the less than 1 year old SSD. It sees the music SSD but not the system SSD. Do I go back to 219 or what?

tell me about your rock system… sorry if you have said this already, but i’m juggling a lot of things right now :slight_smile:

NUC model? m.2 ssd model? internal drive model? anything else attached?

Hi Danny,

One more datapoint. I went to the bios and it sees the SSD. I have the nuc model that I mentioned above the N8i7BEH. I have Transend PCIe TS256GMTD110S SSD for the system (overkill but it only cost a few pennies more and I figured it future proofed) and a 4gb Samsung 850EVO SSD for music. All internal to the AKASA case. This was all set up new in March of this year so it is not even a year old. Nothing attached to the box other than an ethernet cable.

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It updated automatically for me. Thankfully I don’t have any problems.

We still can not reproduce this issue, using the exact hardware some of you have. We also see others in the wild with the exact hardware that are working just fine.

We have an idea of what it could be. Please see this post from Dylan if you want to beta-test a fix:

Test will be ready in a few minutes.

Please include me asap. Thanks!