Update of 1.8 Legacy to Build 1136... missing iMac devices/speakers/system speakers

Roon Core Machine

iMAC running Sierra 10.12.6 8GIG Ram 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Bluesound Node 2i via ethernet

Number of Tracks in Library

75,000 plus tracks

Description of Issue

Due to having ‘old’ equipment, I had to use 1.8 Legacy. It went fine and all was well. All my audio devices were ‘seen’ by Roon and were functioning fine… Then I updated to Build 1136 and all audio devices (ie iMAC System local speakers to the iMAC, either internal or via a usb DAC to external speakers) are absent except for my Node 2i … either via Ethernet (how I usually connect) or AirPlay (I don’t usually use). What has gone wrong? All I want to do is access my locally stored library on an external USB drive… that’s all!!! What is going on?
Thank you in advance of a solution to this.

Hi @Bob_Tibbitts,

Thank you for your patience in awaiting a response.

I am a Mac user and have seen this issue manifest as a result of Mac OS’s energy-saving settings. In prior versions, Roon was keeping the Mac core awake so the issue never manifested. Now that we’re on 2.0, the architecture is a bit different for Mac users.

While actual settings between versions of Mac OS are different, my screenshot below is the general theme. Please try to duplicate my setup as best as possible, restart your router, restart your Mac, and try to duplicate.

I’ll be happy to assist further if the issue persists so please let me know!!

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 4.49.48 PM

Thank you for your reply Wes.

In my system energy setup, I have it set up like yours, but have put the ‘turn display off’ to 1 hour ( was at 15 mins).

I am using 1.8 Legacy not v2.0.

Before the use of the current build, if I checked the ‘Activity Monitor’ there were two Roon items listed. One being the core showing usage of between 1.5 and 2.7 gb of memory, the other was a ‘roon’ that was in red and ‘not responding’ demanding only a few mb of memory…. That second ‘roon’ is no longer listed.

I wonder if this is a possible reason of the misfunctioning RAAT?

If I use iPhone or iPad to control the core, both are listed the in AUDIO Pane on my iMac. However, the once available local Mac system speakers, SPIDIF and optical DIGITAL connections to my desktop DAC, ie via usb or optical, or not available any longer.

I don’t see any way to gain access or control any ‘exclusive’ access that Roon would have over the Core Audio of the iMac.

NB…there would be no other software running on the iMac during these observations, other than OS.

So, basically, if I call up the Roon software on my iMac and wish to select something to play within Roon, I cannot select my local speakers. Using alternative players, like Pine Player, iTunes or any other player, it plays fine.

Other than the occasional Blip at certain congested network times, the communication via iPad, iPhone and ethernet to the Blusound Node 2i is more than acceptable. Nothing comes close to Roon…and, there isn’t anything that will play via ethernet direct to the Node 2i…therefore I am committed to using Roon, and as I can’t upgrade to 2.0, I need 1.8 to work like it used to for my useage, which is locally streamed songs from external usb drive attached to the Roon Core on my iMAC.

Thank you Wes, for helping me with this.

All the best
Bob Tibbitts

Is there a correlation between the screen going to sleep and the audio devices disappearing?

Is a reboot and relaunch of Roon enough to bring them back temporarily?

Rebooted Roon and the iMac several times. The iMac sprakers, SPIDIFs and Digital Optical Out speakers are not listed at any time now, so I cannot see the prob being related to screen or disk sleeping on the iMac.
Something odd going on.

Hi @Bob_Tibbitts,

Believe it or not, it’s happening. Thank you for confirming though!

Can you try this for me? I’m working through various known precedents. After following these instructions you’ll need to restore the database you backed up in step 1. Please let me know how it goes.

  • Create a Backup of your current Roon database
  • Exit out of Roon
  • Navigate to your Roon’s Database Location
  • Find the folder that says “Roon” and “RAATServer”
  • Rename “Roon” to “Roon_old” and “RAATServer” to “RAATServer_old”
  • Reinstall Roon from our Downloads Page

Wes… you are a gem!

I followed your suggestions and the system is working as it used to (1.8 Legacy) and also show as build 1136.

Thank you for reinstating my Roon the way I like to use it but also for reinstating my sanity!

However, Roon Remote Legacy is not working on iPad. Should I also download the app again?

What do you think was the culprit that caused the iMac speakers to disappear? Corrupted files at my end or something that needed addressing within Legacy 1.8 1136?

Either way, thank you for your most welcome assistance with the issues I encountered.

I look forward to your views Wes.


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Downloaded app for Roon Legacy Remote for both iPhone and iPad… both working fine… seems even more responsive than before!

Thanks again.

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For your information

Just checked Activity Monitor.

Both instances of Roon are listed.

One as 1.5GB and the other as 37.5MB.

Before, even before Legacy arrived, the smaller Roon in Activity Monitor was always ‘red’ and not working.

So one could assume that may have been an ongoing issue… until now.

Both running fine so far.

Thank you.

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