Update order 1.8

Why the emphasis on updating devices first and core second, without explaining why this would be important? I inadvertently updated the core first (on Nucleus) and then deleted the app and installed the new version of it. No problems, so far (except the unrelated Live Radio thing, meanwhile solved).

Mainly because if you upgrade the core while the ios / android app is not yet available on the app store, then you have no way of controlling the core (and subsequently need to wait).

It was also done to prevent piracy of the software since a lot of Russians crack the older versions of Roon. They mostly did a lot of backend restructuring in this update for piracy protection.

Ah, well, in this case, both were available at the same time, at least for Android, so no problem…

I fail to see the logic/connection between piracy and the order of updating, but Im not very technical. Anyway, it wouldn’t solve the problem of Chinese hackers, would it, as they do everything backwards anyway, right? :crazy_face:

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:rofl: I guess so

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