Update Procedure failed [resolved, just waited]


upon trying to update to Roon 2.0, everything seems to be messed up.

After pressing Update all, my Roon Core seems to be upgraded to 2.0 (1128), at least this is what the system tells me.
However, upon trying to start up Roon on my iPad, it tells me “Update required” and offers a Connect-Button. Pressing this, leads to the page “time for an upgrade”, listing my PC at the top, “Checking for an update” and an endless looping circle behind it. My Tablet is listed below, stating 1.8(build 1105)stable. Same story for my iPhone. So I am not able to listen to my music due to your miserable Update-Procedure. This is really, really annoying, as after every update in the past, something was wrong with my system. I am already hesitating to install any future updates, as trouble is almost surely ahead.
You are selling a real costly product and with this, goes the obligation to provide a more professional Update-Procedure.

Looking forward to hearing from you very soon.
Best regards

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Exactly the same problem here!

Having the same problem upgrading from the earlyaccess version. It says that the new version 1128 is installed then when I relaunch it goes back to the old 1119 version.

Did you update the iOS app from the App store?

Also, reboot your Core machine.

Hours after changing anything the update decided to run after all. Everything is fine now and it sounds good.

Hi Karl-Ludwig, thanks for the info👍I‘ve tried it again and this time after several minutes, the updated Roon Core was finally detected. After updating the iPad separately, it‘s now running properly. Enjoy your music.

PS: Supposedly your are speaking german, based on your name. Me too😎. Danke nochmals🙏