Update Procedures

Trolling this forum for about a year now and I have noticed that sometimes folks have issues when they update to a newer version of Roon. I have updated several times for the latest version only after a short period of time after it was released to make sure that the masses were doing ok with that particular build.

When I first starting using Roon with Version 1.2, I had to completely remove the program, the database and start all over again losing all of my tweaks. I figured out quite fast on how to manually make a backup (thanks to this forum) of my database. I do not want this to happen again because now with almost a year into this, I have quite bit of editing thru Roon applied to my collection.

I have always updated through the Roon program and before updating again this time I noticed that my last download build from the website is Version 1.2 (build 161) stable (64 bit).

When I use the website to download Roon I am assuming that this is the latest build as it does not state so. I have noticed that when I update through the app I can be 3 or 4 versions back and it will update to the latest.

Questions about updating.

If for some reason my update goes south and this particular build does not agree with my setup, how would I revert to the previous build?

Would the backup created before the update be that option to completely return to a previous build?

If I download the latest build from the web site, can I update this way or is updating through the Roon app the preferred way?

Do I need to make it a point of downloading from the web site each time I update and so I have a previous build that works ok for me?

I have found on the community forum’s web site all of the build history, but is there a place where all of the history downloads are available?