Update ROCK Amazon links?

Any chance the Roon team could update the one click shopping cart Amazon links in the ROCK kb for up to date NUC/memory/SSD, please? At least the UK ones seem out of date now.

paging @kevin

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Thanks Danny

Updated! All direct and add-to-cart links are updated to the 8th generation NUCs: ROCK Hardware

As far as memory and SSDs go, single 4GB sticks of RAM and 64GB M.2 SSDs are increasingly difficult to find, so I swapped those for 8GB and 128GB alternatives (which are about the same price, anyway).

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Thank you, that’s great!

Could I ask whether there’s any benefit to using 2x sticks of RAM rather than 1x, as it seems to be the general wisdom that NUCs are faster with, e.g., 2x4GB instead of 1x8GB? Or is this for general purpose computing and that’s not the way ROCK uses memory?

Ordered today via the one-click link, thank you :+1:t2: