Update Roon Server on Ubuntu

My Roon Server runs on my Ubuntu 19.10 box.

I go into my iPad or Android phone and I get a notification that my Roon Core needs an update.

I then can’t seem to connect to the Core with the error: “There was an error checking for an update”

Any ideas? Of course, at this point, I can’t use the old version of Roon to stream my library… Ugh


An update.

I tried on several devices, and all had the same outcome.

Then searching, I found the forum topic on installing Wine (client) on Linux through wine. I downloaded @spockfish 's script and installed it. The script worked well. Upon launching Roon through wine, I could do the upgrade. Wierd as I am assuming all clients are trying to access the core the same way.

However, I am up and running on 1.7.


we had an issue with update server… all fixed now.

Thanks for the follow up!

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