Update sign: how and where

I get a notice about metadata that should be worked on. Which needs an update. I browsed settings but found nothing with that could get Me any further

The literal text goes as follows: ‘ ! Metadata improver:halted. Roon needs a software update’

That’s an error message.

Restarting Roon should clear this error.

Problem for thuis long time user.

Network: Ziggo, NL, Bonn Angel switch, ethernet connection.

Audio: Antipodes DS streamer, T&A DSD 8 DAC, Gato amps.

Problem: after short interruptions recently Roon stopped this afternoon altogether.

After a full restart (streamer and DAC) The little red triangle appeared with the aformentioned message.

Hi @Hjcw_Roefs,

Could you please try rebooting RoonServer from the Antipodes Web Interface?
Is the behavior the same if you temporarily try connecting your Core to the router directly?

I had this same issue pop up suddenly today. No recent changes to my system.

Rebooting the Core machine (sonicTransporter AP) seems to have cured it for now.

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Thanks for your suggestion Norris. It set me on the right rack. What appeared to be the matter was an update on the Antipodes that needed to be installed. I ‘ll send a message to them as wel. Because they fail to notify their customers about it. I experienced it earlier.
Make it a great day. Mine will be.

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Thanks for letting us know the reboot + update helped @Hjcw_Roefs!
If you have any further issues, please feel free to reach out again!

Hi @Hjcw_Roefs, I am not aware of an Antipodes update that needed to be installed, or that we should have advised customers about. Can you explain?

Same issue, no antipodes involved

Restart the core solve the problem (fingers crossed)

Your not alone with this issue, cropping up a lot since last update .Only a reinstall of RoonOS fixed this error for me on my ROCK server tried everything. Others have reported changing the memory allocation for artwork in remote settings fixed it others just a reboot. Some on Sonic trsnsporter enabling an reenabling software.

Update of the Antipodes followed by a reboot of Roon brought the solution.
In hindsight rather simple. But it took some time to find this out

It took some time before I discovered an update was available. Just by coincidence I discovered the update. Glad it helped solving the problem with Roon, because that’s where it showed up.
So my suggestion would be to notify customers about a new update, as many companies do. It would help a lot.
Especially in cases like mine where I at first had no idea where to look in my config.
That’s what I referred to.
So. Tony, would that be possible ?
Thanks for answering

Hi @Hjcw_Roefs, I am still not clear whether you are referring to a Roon software update or an Antipodes software update. If you are referring to a Roon update I am afraid it would not possible for us to advise our customers about updates to the software from other suppliers that is installed on our servers.

You can set the Roon update behaviour for your Antipodes on Roon Settings/About:

The defualt setting on Antipodes servers is ‘Automatically install all updates’.