Update to 571 - Recent Activity - function change

It took for me to grasp the significance with the change in Recent Activity. Was not happy at first, thought I’d lost the options previously available with view all (Shuffle Focus - - Sorted by) and tab keys for my library.

Then I remembered the Menu - Library - Album option. Yea, it’s all still there. Apparently Recent Activity - View All - was previously a direct link to Library - Album.

Went back to look at Recent Activity and checked out the Played and Added views. I get it now and like the new functionality.

Question on the Added view. My view goes back 134 days, 99 albums. Is that determined by number of days or albums?

Guess I’m old and slow.

Hi Mike, I believe it’s 100 albums… I have added a lot more recently and am limited to 100 in the ‘Recently Added’ view.

I would very much prefer to be able to see all added albums during a selectable period… say 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months… Limiting this to 100 albums doesn’t make much sense, as you can easily exceed this in an upload of ripped files.

The is why I asked, didn’t understand cut off point. Mine stopped at 99.

Aside from Recent Activity, you can certainly select any time range in the Albums view.

In fact, Albums sorted by date added is my “home” view, a bookmark that I usually sit on.