Update to Roon 1.8 Build 880 corrupts my Roon Core database

Amd why should we have to start again??? Your update issue causing problems and time for your customers


I expanded on this a bit more here:

Hrm, I don’t think I’m following – You’re saying you get “there was an issue loading your database” only when your database exceeds 3GB?

If so, sounds like something a bit different and I’ll split out your posts to a new thread.

It’s a nightmare, none of the backups I’ve done since 2021, October can’t be restored, they failed.
It is 5 years of work to categorize my music, build playlists, rank so many titles. What a loss !!!
Do the Roon team working on a solution to allow at least a restoration of our databases by fixing them with a tool that would try to restore at least the maximum of data ?

Don’t know if this fact is linked to the database corruption, but few weeks ago, I had a couple of issues when I added few selected title from some albums on Qobuz. I added a new title of an album already added partially in my library. Once added a second time, the album appeared twice in my library although it was the same. I had to merge them to fix it.

Please find a solution, it is a very very damaging issue. You can NOT leave us like this!


I first get the error with the old database and with my Backups. The i reinstalled and did build a new base. After reaching something about 3 gbs i did get the same error with the new database. No new or old database is working. Excel a small one with only my tidal lybrary.


Same prob;em here. Until someone tries these step and has them work I sit waiting a reasonable solution. I enter a ticket this morning and got an email confirm but cannot find the or any reference to it online. You get a ticket# when you submit the ticket but it goes away almost immediately and the email confirmation does not include the ticket#. I have no response yet, No music at all and i cannot get anything on my Roon install and setup because it will not run.


Yes, but please help us retain & preserve Playlists, system settings, endpoint settings etc., through some level of export.
The Roon Core database I am having to move on from, has circa 6 years of history, given the last time I had to start again with a Coon database was after a problem with Build 30 way back in 2015.

This is not an elegant solution for this issue.
@mike @danny @enno


You are right, @Sloop_John_B: This topic has been solved comes across as absolutely ironic in this case :pensive:.

It would be hard to label starting fresh as a solution. I’ve removed the solved checkmark.

Sorry about that.


My worst fear with this fiasco was that I would loose all the Qobuz albums I had added to my Roon library. But I needed to have Roon working this weekend so I went ahead and reinstalled Roon Core and then initiated a full rescan of all my music. Surprisingly (at least to me) is that my Roon library still shows the Qobuz albums that I added to my Roon library. No idea how that was saved despite a complete reinstall of Roon, but I am so thankful that it’s still there.

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Give me a good reason I shall upgrade to Built 880!

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When you add a Qobuz album to your Roon library, you are actually “liking” it on Qobuz. Go to the Qobuz app and you will see all of them in your Qobuz Favorites. Same for Tidal.

You can do the reverse and “heart” them on Qobuz or Tidal and they will show up in your Roon library.


Thank heavens for that at least!

That’s one reason I never have any problems with Roon. I only have 37 tracks in my local library and I never edit anything. I use Roon to stream Tidal and Qobuz. Although I do automatic backup’s every night, I don’t really need to except for those 37 tracks.

I have experienced this a couple of times in the last year. Always after an update. I didn’t get much sympathy.

I wrote that ROONs database had problems.

I suggested they should have a detect bad data base and restore the database should be on the File tool bar.

Now I have no music and no time to fix the darn thing before Merry Christmas holidays.

I’m sorry but the reaction” you had a bad database to begin with” is a cop out.

If I wasn’t a ROON lifetime member I’d abandon this program instantly.

I’ve already spent several hours working on this.
I’ve uninstalled RUIN. I’ve deleted the hidden files.

I have a dedicated Windows PC. It does nothing but run this program

I’m sure Valence has many fans but I don’t really care.

I just want ROON to work. Be stable. I Don’t want to spend hours “fixing” the RUIN.

Sorry if this is a rant but I’m tired of the little support we get.

There is no ability for someone to “log in” to my pc and fix the problem and what if I don’t have the technical know how.

The Wizards of ROON should be ashamed of yourselves.

And to the lucky few whose ROON database has not been corrupted . … . . YET, beware it is not if it will become corrupted but when.

Please band together and support each other. This is not your PCs working improperly or your SSD this is a ROON programming problem.

I notice that the Wizards have still not written a “how to” fix a corrupted database” or “How to Prevent DATABASE corruption”.

No the only resort is to bow to the Wizards, delete ROON from the computer, delete the database, delete and reinstall all instances of ROON on all IOS machines and other endpoints.

Then sit hopelessly and helplessly as your hard work vanishes before your eyes, the ROON Backup fails to restore (I have several years of backups), and no Audio, no Apple TV’s, NO ipads, no Auralic Aires Femto or G2, no HQplayer, no playback machines of any kind are detected.

And while all this is happening can I listen to my system with Quboz, or Tidal while the database restores? NO. (This is another feature I’ve repeatedly asked for and thought important. At least if the database failed, we could stream form Quboz and or Tidal right? I big no to that option also.

I do have Auralic Lightening installed and jRiver is begging me to update and come back.

Sorry for the rant but its time ROON woke up.


Why don’t you do a free trial of Audirvana Studio to get you through the holidays? It works well streaming Tidal and Qobuz.

Hey I’m a lifetime member also so I know how you feel. My roon experience has been filled with frustration.

I don’t use it anymore, but I do check on it from time to time and come to this forum.

It’s interesting that one of the fixes in the update, seems to make Roon less network intensive so tidal should stream better…I have been telling people that for years…and was just told that my network is not good enough…yeah right, they just announced a fix to address just that.

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Agree with you. The Roonlab’s answer to restart from a blank database is a shame.

Hope they are working on a fix.
Besides that, I tried to restart from blank ans let 880 load my music files on background. After few minutes when I came back to Roon it hanged up displaying a blank page indefinitely.

Music is down :rage:


Maybe i have to write it again: It is not possible to get Roon running. Even on a new Machine with a complete new install and a new database. ““there was an issue loading your database”” …

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“But Build 880 did not cause corruption, it exposed the corruption that you already had. Downgrading to an old build won’t help – All of your backups will still be corrupt”

I, frankly, do not believe a word of that. It sounds like shifting the blame to me and I am NOT impressed. Not impressed AT ALL!

If I, and everyone else who has this issue, had corrupt databases, then that corruption was well hidden because my system worked perfectly until Build 880 showed up. If Roon developers created an update that it was known would “expose corrupt databases” and thereby cause catastrophic errors that have caused potentially hundreds of users to lose their carefully curated libraries, then they should be utterly ashamed of themselves. If it was deemed a possible outcome of running this update then some sort of database repair fuction should have been included for those of us who are now without music a week before Christmas! It’s tantamount to sabotage and if I hadn’t paid for a lifetime subscription I would be binning Roon for good on the back of it!

I’ve just rebuilt my library from scratch and created a backup of it which I tried to restore for the sake of finding out if this “Build 880 is exposing corrupt databases” story is true. This backup was created on a completely fresh installation of the core and remotes so all Build 880 and nothing held over from my previous installation.
I got this:

Exactly the same issue as when I was trying to restore from one of my full backups so I’m afraid your assertion about databases being corrupt before the update just doesn’t hold water as new, clean ones are having the exact same problem. I’m not even sure now that database corruption is happening; it appears to be something that is, in my case at least, merely causing Roon to not properly restore from backups. I’ve looked at the Roon_Server folder on my NAS which was brand new and empty at the start of this test. It now has 6427 files in it totalling 1.3GB so the backup appears to be in there…it’s just not showing up on any of my remotes. I also have no audio devices available either…there are normally about six, my Meridian 218 and the other system devices like my sound card.


Roon have been ignoring data base corruption issue and the management of these for years. People have been flagging this up and been begging the guys to address it, add tools or at least integrity checks. Now that they finally woke up many users find themselves in a position having used a (slightly?) inconsistent data base unnoticed for as long that this covers all possible backups. Still no repair option? Many seem to be trapped in a deadlock situation. Great job!!