Update to roon version build 1169 deleted all my albums (Dec 4th 2022)

Hi - I just updated to build 1169 and all my albums are deleted in my library. It is as if I was just starting with your service. This is the 2nd time that this has happened to me via a software upgrade.
This is really frustrating.
What is the plan from here?
Those software updates need to be QAed better than this.


Do you have a good DB backup you can restore from?

Click on Roon - Settings - Storage and post a screenshot here.

I think it’s less about trying to blame the user for not having backups, and more about trying to ensure that a user shouldn’t have to go through this process (a user has a reasonable expectation that something as routine as a software upgrade won’t wipe all their data). Not all users have the requisite knowledge to form a backup either, so I don’t thing Roon should rely on that specifically.

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I don’t think it’s been determined for sure that the OP lost their music files. Maybe they just can’t see them. Here’s how you do Roon backup’s. Pretty easy actually. Of course, this does not backup your music files. You should do that also.

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Welcome to the forum. Most likely, nothing was actually deleted. Please tell us more about your setup. What is your Roon Core? Do you have local music files and where do they reside? Are you using Qobuz/Tidal and are they missing, too?

I’m moving your post to the #support category as well.

Something WILL go wrong sooner or later when using computers without a backup. Even without any software fault (which can’t be ruled out either). Hardware dies, users make mistakes.

Certainly, but that’s not a reason to avoid making software more robust, is it?

It’s not, but you can never rule out bugs if software shall remain affordable. And even if you can, hardware failure and user mistakes can still happen, so one needs a backup anyway.

Whatever, let’s focus on the OP’s problem

Oh I agree people need one, but from my perspective, until/unless Roon specifies backup as an essential part of the install (which I don’t believe they do) then I think the focus (as you said) should be on Op’s problems, and not other things Op could have done to prevent the issue - that’s all :slight_smile:

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And this should be the final word on this as the op has been severely side tracked already.
Thank you.

I stand corrected - thanks for pointing it out!

I hope you’ll permit me saying the above thanks - if not, please delete the comment and accept my apology to you.

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What was deleted, local music or streamed music?

If local, then (as asked before) screen print Settings==>Storage.
If streamed, then check Settings==>Services.

Roon does not make any changes to your actual music files and that would include deletions.

You should fill out the form that was presented to you when you made this support thread.

Roon Core Machine

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Connected Audio Devices

Number of Tracks in Library

Description of Issue

Thanks everyone for the help.
Support was correct that my library was not lost. After the upgrade, Roon restarted me as if I was a new user and it did require to log back in Tidal. Not great but not terrible. For a bit Roon did not connect to my tidal subscription and this is the reason why I could not see anything. I logged back to Tidal and it was all fine.
I am now interested in the topic of back up. I am one of those users who does not have downloaded music or who does not own any of my own files. Everything is through Roon>>Tidal.
Regarding my library of albums and playlists. Is that stored in the cloud or on my computer?

In this day and age, for my use (no files of my own), I would assume that I don’t need to deal with back ups and that stuff is in the cloud and that Roon has its own back ups.

do I have that right? Thanks

Your Tidal library is seen by Roon as being part of Roon library but as long as you have them saved in Tidal you should see them all repopulate whenever you log back into Tidal inside of Roon.

Yes, Tidal knows what you have in your Roon library and will automatically restore it if need be, your Roon library links to Tidal and any tweaking and settings you may do are stored locally on your Roon core machine Roon database. If something goes wrong, it is usually much easier to restore a backup than to start over.

I have Roon backup my Nucleus nightly to an attached USB HDD. It’s very easy to setup. Go to Roon - Settings - Backups and set up Scheduled Backups.

Any Roon created playlists are stored in your Roon library.

If you lose that library, you will lose your playlists unless you have a Roon Settings==>Backup.

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Yes, that would be disastrous for me. I have myriads of self createted playlists that would ALL be lost without a backup.

Thanks everyone. Useful information. I guess now I know… and cant pretend that I dont :slight_smile: