Update you updater process

Roons update manager needs some work guys. It really needs to give release notes, give warning to ensure a user makes a backup and hat all remotes from app stores are updated manually or wait until they are available.

The updater says update all it doesn’t which causes frustrations for users as app store remotes have to be manually done and this doesn’t always register with some.

Just review how this all works and you will cut down on support threads. People don’t always come to the forum to find out what’s in the update before updating rememebr that it needs to be shown easily and consisley in the app

Any way that’s my two pennies worth.

I tend to agree with the above. In the Roon settings, I have configured everything as “Ask before downloading any updates”. Only when the remote apps are available in the App Store, I will start to update my remote control devices first and then the Core (and Bridge, if required). This has worked without a problem for me. I have stayed away from the “Update all” button that pops up whenever a new software version becomes available.