Updated Deezer Flow or why Roon loose ground to their competitors

Deezer has updated their Flow recommentation system and you get great recommentations for known and new music. Spotify and Apple also has great recommentation system to enjoy your collection and to discover new music based on your favorites and your hearing history.

While Deezer has now evolved their recommentation system to V2, Roon with TIDAL didn’t have anything similar. And that is imho really poor for a system that came with the claim “The music player for music lovers” and “Music is an experience, and Roon reconnects you with it.”

I see Roon loosing its pole position to their competitors. While Roon is focusing on special interest technical things like Devialet AIR or MQA, the competitors developes features for non-audiofool music lovers. And these customers are the majority.
Please rethink your priorities.

That depends on who you see the competitors as. Also the ‘special interest technical things’ as you put them are obviously a profitable niche (50,000+ Roon users). Perhaps those not so interested in ‘special interest technical things’ may also not be interested in Roon?

Being generous and assuming 50,000 users are all annual subscribers (which we know isn’t the case) amounts to $5,950,000 in revenue. Highly unlikely to yield much if anything in the way of profit.

Indeed. All the ‘competitors’ are developing features for everyone else in the majority/mass market, but Roon isn’t in this market (IMHO). Airplay and Sonos support no doubt help them grab a small piece of it though. Roon have also said they do not want to add features on a ‘me too’ basis.