Updated mesh system. I cannot connect to my core any more

everything but the main router. I can try that tonight. The strange thing is that I just found that it finds the core on the iPhone but not the iPad.

Do you have another router in your network, or by “main router” do you mean the central AX8 device? If the latter, yes, this controls all of your network address functions so this is critical to reboot as well as all the satellite devices. If the former and you have another router in your network, please let us know.

Fixed. The iPad did not have local access. Sigh.

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I have not turned off the AX8 device. By the main router, I mean the Verizon box coming into the house–it has the wifi turned off.

One other thought. Have you deleted the Roon Remote app on the iPad and then reinstalled it and see if it connects? Can you take a screenshot from your iPad of what you see when you try to connect to the Core? And does your Core see the iPad in Settings → Audio (is the iPad Enabled?)?

I spoke too soon. Almost works.

My second desktop will not speak to the core. It tries to connect, but tells me something is wrong.

I did remove and reinstall the remote app on the iPad.

So the iPad now works, but not the mini acting as a Remote, is that correct? Is the Mac firewall configured on the mini Remote to allow an exception for Roon? What is the error message you are seeing?

Nothing works anymore. The each time I try to connect t the core, the client finds room and then times out when I try to connect.

As a piece of additional information, I am using a vpn, which I was not doing before.

Does it work if you don’t use the VPN?

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Hi George,

Just touching back to see if you still have the issue or if turning off the VPN worked.

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Unfortunately not.

Coming close to giving up.

Well, let me ping @support for you.

Hi @George_Hollifield,

A couple of questions.

How is the core connected to the internet?

What is the SSID of both the 2.4 and 5ghz networks?

Are the mesh nodes all using the same SSID?


The correct is connects to one of the mesh satellite.

Each network band has its own name. I most things are connected to the 5g.

All the mesh nodes are on the same ssid.

Thank you.

Hi @George_Hollifield,

So the core is hardwired to a node that is wireless? Is there any way to hard-wire it to the main router?


Not so easy, but I can test it.


Please let me know!


I am having similar issues with an Orbi mesh netwerk which I have been using for several years already. Issues didn’t happen with 1.8, but since 2.0 launch I am also having client connection issues. I am using latest version of Rock on an Intel NUC, which is connected with UTP cable. Android remote clients are used with WiFi. Endpoints are on UTP and WiFI, no connection issues with them. Only with Android clients.

Please check my post about this also. I have included error / connection messages from log file on ROCK.

Android Remote Connection problems to Roon Rock (build 1148/1167/1169) - Support - Roon Labs Community

Devices attached to the same satellite will connect, but no others.

Unfortunately, I am unable to hardwire a computer up to the router for physical reasons for a few days.

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