Updated metadata from iTunes not updating in Roon

Mac OS: So Roon correctly detected two new tracks I added to iTunes, but added them with the name of “Track 2”. I went back to iTunes to edit the Track names, but Roon is not picking up the updated data. I thought Roon was tracking the Music folder for changes? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance,

Hi @Edward_Skawinski,

Can you please post some screenshots of the behavior you’re seeing? You can use the image upload button to do so:


– Noris



Hello @Edward_Skawinski,

Can you please check the file tags on those tracks? You can do so by right-clicking -> pressing the 3-dot dropdown menu at the top -> View File Info -> File Tags. Please post a screenshot of what you see there, it should look something like this:


Is the fact you have three track 2 of 50 in iTunes the problem?

Well, it seems that yes, that may have been the issue @Astr0b0y! I edited the track numbers in iTunes (changed tracks 2 to tracks 3 and 4) and removed the “of 50” and went back into Roon, and the track titles are there now.

Thanks very much!

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