Updated password on Roon remote device, music does not update on Nucleus

Roon Core Machine

Roon Nucleus with 2TB Samsung SS drive
Roon Remote on MacBook Air

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Description of Issue

I updated the password to my Roon account via Macbook Air (my remote device) on Friday and afterwards found that any new music (FLAC files).

I subsequently copied into the Samsung SSD in the Nucleus don’t show up in my Roon view. I updated the password again yesterday but found that made no difference. Do I have to update the password in the Nucleus core as well, or did I miss another step or something?

I should mention that using Remote Desktop on my Macbook I can see that the files have copied over onto the Samsung SSD of the Nucleus. So it is puzzling why they don’t show up in the Roon database in my Roon Remote App…

Many thanks for any help…

Hassan, have you logged out of your Nucleus and then logged back into it with your new password?

Thank you Robert that fixed my problem.

Much appreciated!

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