Updated soon to 1.2 and lost audio zones

my setup:

macbook pro running El Capitan 10.11.5 beta
tidal hifi
roon 1.2
rega dac connected via usb

since i upgraded to roon 1.2 i cannot select my dac for playback - No audio zone. I have an apple tv latest generation…Roon sees only apple tv zone. Everything was fine before the update. Anyone knows how to fix this?

Have you tried to power cycle your DAC ? Can other audio software interact with this gear?

power cycling?
tidal works- i can listen to tidal trough my dac - But not with roon 1.2

Apologies for being unclear - turn off / on the DAC. And one more question - does your DAC require additional drivers to run on OSX ?

i turned on/off the dac and nothing changes - roon sees the dac, but it says no audio device found. And no, the dac doesn’t need drivers…It always work fine, and still does…trough tidal, iTunes ect - except roon 1.2 - it was working fine before the update.