Updated to Roon 1.8, build 778. Now RoPieee is not displaying the relevant info while playing [Solved]

I recently upgraded my roon core and a few computer-based clients to 1.8, build 778. Now my RoPieee XL is not able to connect its “Roon Control Zone” to the audio device on USB, handled by itself. Before the clock comes on it’s displaying the “Connection lost” screen saying to check if the DAC is on etc.
The DAC is on and playback is working fine, but it’d be nice to have the screen showing something other than the clock.
I have doublechecked that the output name under settings → audio matches the entry in “Roon Control Zone” and I didn’t change any of them from when it was working under previous version. I have since changed it in trying to get it working, but it doesn’t help.
I’ve uploaded feedback with ID 85655faec541f850.

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I am seeing the same issue. The endpoint suddenly shut down. I rebooted it and like you saw the connection lost screen but playback is working fine via desktop remote software. I turned the clock off so I just have a blank screen. I restarted my core as well and that made no difference.

Is the extension enabled?

Sorry. I should have been more specific also as I am not using XL. In the Extensions list I don’t see anything listed. If I click View then I see RoPieee Remote Control V2 3.008 Last seen: just now

I think you nailed it. The extension was visible but not enabled. After enabling it I get back the interface. I wasn’t aware I needed to do that since other updates have been automatic.
Thanks for the support!

Ah. In the RoPieee config page it had remove the Remote Control Zone on the Remote Control page. I added back the correct Zone name and rebooted. Once that was complete the Extension showed correctly in the list and I was able to enable it properly. Thanks.

My display also no longer shows album info. My extension is no longer visible under Extension/Authorizations. I’ve rebooted both the Ropieee XL and the Roon Nucleus+, with no luck. How do I get my extension back?