Updates to Synology builds

Hi, everyone. I’m a new Roon user here, and I’ve got it running on my Synology 916+ (8GB RAM). It is working great for my local media as well as my Qobuz account. My endpoint is a Teac NT-505.

I’m just curious how package updates for Synology are managed. It’s my understanding that Roon is not creating the Synology builds themselves, that it’s Chris Rieke (a million thank yous!). Does this mean that when Roon comes out with an update, it’s up to Chris to create a new build? Will I see an update notification in Package Center when there is a new build?

I’d love some clarity here.

I’m really enjoying this setup, and am happy to be part of this community!



There is no need for a new package for each build of Roon Server. The package just sets up the environment on your Synology to have Roon Server run properly.
When a new build of Roon Server is released it will auto-update Roon Server to the new build.
Don’t get fooled by the spk version: it will stay the same. But if you open the info panel in Roon, you’ll see that it updated to a latest build.
When you install Roon Server on a NAS it will also install the latest build of Roon Server, by downloading it directly from the Roon Labs website. Because of this, you won’t need a new package for new builds of Roon Server. :slight_smile:


That makes a lot of sense. Thank you for the quick and clear explanation!

Seconded. I rely on Chris’s Synology efforts every day. Roon runs great on a DS1515+.

By the way, I currently am NOT utilizing an SSD (my Synology is filled with spinning disk). I may one day move the database off to a USB SSD, but it runs so smoothly I’m not sure I need to!

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:100: runs on my DS716+ (8GB) like an oiled machine - contrary what Roon themselves say, that a Celeron processor and spinning disks wouldn’t work well… I have had no issues whatsoever. Just giving it a 14 day trial though and thought I leave my MAS as is. If I encounter any issues, I will put the Roon Core on an external SSD to the NAS. I do have a relatively small collection though with about 600 albums.

That is reasonably small. I had 8000 on my NAS 1618+ and it chocked. I do have DB on a SSD. I am now down to 4000 albums for testing purposes and that „sort-of“ woks, but not yet to my full satisfaction. Roon is very very resource hungry.

I can see that, for the moment it works for me- when I’ll start having problems, my upgrade path would be: move to SSD in sinology -> dedicated mac mini (2nd hand)

For the moment I’m just testing the software vs my sonos setup. I really like it, but I don’t know if its $699 better than the Sonos sw I already have paid for…

If you do this you may mant to keep the precious slots of the NAS for the spinning disks and attach the SSD via USB to the Synology. There are cheap housing (10 Euro) for the samsung SSD.

Thank you for the suggestion, that’d be the way forward indeed. I have 2x 3tb in Raid inside the synology, would like to keep it that way :slight_smile:

Also found this as an alternative to the Samsung, attractively priced:

Crieke, first…thank you for all you do for Synology NAS/Roon. It’s awesome!

To be clear…you are saying that you do not need to update your Synology NAS software? I am currently running version 2017-20-20. I see you have 2018-03-07 and now, 2020-06-12.

It is ok that i’m running software 2017? Or is that version just the installer?


Hi Dwayne,
It is correct, that I do not need to update spk installer, when a new Roon Server version ist available. The installers download the newest build on its own from the Roonlabs website.
Sometimes, I have to make adjustments to the installer. The change for the last official build was to increase the number of inodes, as it turned out, a user had issues with a large libraries and not all changes of the library where automatically reflected in Roon Server.
It also happens, that I create a new installer, when I notice, I need more information to debug an issue. Then I am trying for example to add more info to error messages, which helps me finding the root cause.
I am planning to update the spk soon again, to have better error messages during installation and also to implement another option to provide the required files for Roon Server (which currently are downloaded by the installer itself, but caused issues for some customers, mostly in china).
So currently the latest official build for Synology is still 2018-03-08 (as written on the https://RoonOnNAS.org website) :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your response! Do you know when you will be doing your latest update? Also, is their documentation on how to upgrade my Synology NAS installer file? Will it just over-write my 2017 install package?