Updating files or meta and keep the original Date Added

I have been building my library for a while now, and I regularly consolidate it by updating older mp3 files to better resolutions ones. I suspect this to be a typical user case scenario.
the problem is that while doing so these old albums appears are newly added.

My settings for Libray > impor tSettings > Import Date defaults to : File creation Time
Changing that to : Roon Import TimeStamp doesn’t change the described behavior.

Considering Roon has the data to identify theses new files as being the same album I wonder if this behavior could not be improved/fixed somehow.
is there a way I’m not aware of to avoid this ?


Using OS tools / apps, have you tried editing the file creation (and file modified) to your preferred import date?

I’m on win 10, attribute changer does the trick. thank you

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