Updating new Nucleus

Hello. I am a brand new Roon Nucleus user as of about an hour ago. I have the Roon app, and the Nucleus is connected via Ethernet to my router. The app is telling me that I need a software update. Current version on the Nucleus appears to be 1.6. However, there is no indication if it actually downloading the update. It does say “downloading” but there’s no progress bar. Any idea how long this should take, or the size of the download? Thanks.

Current version of my RoonServer (Rock, no Nucleus) is 1.8 (build 1021). Normally an update only takes a few minutes.

Ya, it has been saying “downloading” now for nearly an hour. Doesn’t seem right. I have 300 mbps Wi-Fi so hard to imagine it’s a file that large.

Not the start i was looking for unfortunately……

Power cycle and try again…

When the Nucleus updates, you will also need to update the Roon app on your iPhone, iPad, or whatever device you are using as a Roon control device. Those are found on the Apple App Store, etc.

Hey @Lance_Smith,

Ben here with the support team, welcome to the community! I wanted to check in on this thread to see if you were able to update your Nucleus successfully?

After taking a look at your account, I see your Nucleus is currently on the most up-to-date build 1.8 (build 1021) stable. Let me know if you’re still having issues :+1:

Ben, I did get it updated. However, I continue since then to have issues with rooms dropping out with my Sonos system. Not sure what is going on with that. Also trying to hone in on a DAC solution that works the best with the Nucleus.

Hey @Lance_Smith,

Thanks for letting me know. Please reproduce the issue and share a timestamp (date, time) when it happens. From there, we can enable diagnostics on your account and take a deeper look into what might be happening at the time of the issue.

Also, we’ll need a more detailed breakdown of your network setup, as well as your system setup. If you haven’t yet, please hardwire your core directly to your router, bypassing switches. How are your Sonos speakers connected?

I will do those things when I have time. I don’t really have much desire to get into all of this right out of the gate with a new $1800 piece of equipment that I bought with the goal of simplifying my music listening experience.

I can quickly answer that the Nucleus is hardwired into my Eero gateway router, nothing out of the ordinary there. And my Sonos speakers are connected to my network via my wifi network. I also do have non-Sonos passive speakers that i will be getting connected to the Nucleus, but I have a significant investment in my Sonos system as well and for this to be viable the Nucleus will have to work with them as well.

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