Updating ropieee borked my pi4

I had ropieeexl running nicely on my pi4. Noticed that an update was available, I initiated it.

An hour later, the pi isn’t doing anything, just a solid red light! Nothing for it, going to have to reflash a new image which is a pain!

It is more likely that your SD card failed, which while uncommon isn’t a rare occurrence, especially with generic or counterfeit cards. I advise using a replacement SD card when you re-flash.


I stay away from generic sd cards, it was a sandisk 32gb card. Anyway I since reflashed onto another card and it’s working again now, just going to be wary about updating via the option in the software as it’s not 100% guaranteed to work.

The only issues I have ever had with RoPieee have been down to dodgy SD cards

Stick with a well known, reliable brand I always use SanDisk for audio or cameras where failure is critical. Imagine a holidays worth of photo’s lost to a dodgy SD card !!

I’ve had one card fail after a number of years. I’ve been using Ropieee since it’s launch. This is a limitation of SD cards, they do occasionally fail. It isn’t something specific to Ropieee. The other aspect is that you have the risk of an update process not one hundred percent guaranteed to work or the risk of outdated software. The rare risk of an update failing is probably the most appropriate risk to take.