Updating Sonic Transporter I5 TO Roon 1.75

Sonic Transporter
Cannot get Sonic Transporter to update to Ronn 1.75 MicroRendu is the Roon endpoint into a Schiit Audio Yiggy 2 Day.Suggestions

Same here. Tried all the usual suspects … reboots, unplug and reboot, delete iOS app & etc. Everything working fine as 1.6 (just bought NAD M10 and loving it).

Does Roon have any suggestions.

Hi @michael_brulc/@Kevin_Roxby ,

Can you please clarify where exactly you are trying to update to 1.75? I am not aware of such a version update for Roon, our last Roon build should be b416 which you can confirm you are running in Settings -> About (top right-hand corner) when using a Roon Remote. There is an OS version 175, but this applies only for ROCK/Nucleus: Roon OS Build 175 with CD Ripping is live!

Gee :man_facepalming:t3: if only I had known.
I saw a comment saying ‘new update 1.75 out’ … or to that effect. Unnecessary ennui.

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Thanks for the clarification the sonic transporter is running 4.16 which is correct it was my mistake.thank you for the help.

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