Updating to 1.3 removes internet radio stations

After updating to 1.3 I notice my internet radio stations have gone. Not a big deal as I only had 10 or so and can recreate them.

This never happens to me. They should be in your recently backed up data base perhaps.

happened to me as well yesterday, but they came back - at that time I had reinstalled some of them again, and for a moment the Roon behaved weird. I got the imagination that it happened in a temporary mismatch of updating, because restarting the IPAD helped. Don’t know whether this is the right explanation.

Didn’t bother backing up as I was prepared to start from scratch if there was a problem. I recreated them, only took me about 10 minutes as I had saved all the urls, logos etc. Just thought I would report it in case others had this problem too.

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