Updating "Untitled" from ripped discs


Whilst ripping some CDs, some of the more obscure discs aren’t being tagged correctly by roon.

I can change the art, title, artist etc but for the life of me cant see how I can change individual track names. Any ideas?


You will need to do it outside Roon with a tag editor say MP3Tag,itsfree

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thank you…


Perhaps you might also consider uploading these CDs’ metadata to MusicBrainz.com in order to ensure your edits feed through to Roon’s databases?

I’ve been doing a few of my own, I leave them unidentified for a few days then the MusicBrainz stuff feeds through.

It’s relatively easy to upload to MusicBrainz. You open an account then download their Picard software. If you import your music files to Picard (drag and drop) you can then cluster the files into an album and then import the majority of the metadata into MusicBrainz.

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Actually, you can change individual track names using Roon - you just need to select the track and use the Track Editor.

However, it has to be said that using a tag editor and then uploading the metadata to Musicbrainz does help the community at large.

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Excellent…I will take a look …thank you