Upgrade DSD256 to DSD512


I have a Lampi b7 with a max of 256DSD upsampling.
I am thinking of upgrading my Lampi to do the 512DSD .

Is it worth it? Will I actually “feel” the difference from 256DSD upsampling to 512DSD upsampling?

From what I hear there is a marginal difference if I upsample 128DSD to 256DSD…

BTW: I am using HQP


I’d describe it as a similar marginal improvement to your experience with DSD256. I’ve seen articles describing DSD512 as some kind of musical nirvana. In my experience with a Holo Spring 1 that’s overstated but a different DAC could have a different result.

It can depend on the DAC you use, but using HQPlayer, the difference between different filters is far more noticable than switching from DSD256 to DSD512.
In my case, with T+A 8 DSD dac, I prefer to use a ‘heavier’ filter - poly-sinc-xtr-lp - with DSD256, than a ‘lighter’ filter, such as poly-sinc-lp, with DSD512.
With what I have read of the Lampi, I would play with HQ-filters, and not do the upgrade.

I guess I will have to try before I decide to buy :slight_smile:

Interesting… I just read an article that praises your DAC with upsampling specifically to DSD512 with HQP…

I guess it comes to a matter of specific ears that listen and taste.

I heard that it the jump from 64 to 256 is marginal but to 512 is exceptional…

As said, it is about choice of filters, and capabities of the server/streamer powerfull enough to support DSD512.
In the article, the poly-sinc-short-mp is used. This is obvious a short filter with strong apodizing caracteristics , while I strongly prefer a heavy, long filter with (very) limited apodizing.

It takes some time and effort, but it is rather easy to experience the differences.
Best way is to listen for an extended time to a filter you like. Then switch to an other one, with complete other specifications. You will soon notice what you are missing, or what you are gaining.

Good luck with testing

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Just got my new computer with the i9900k.
Finally I can use ALL the filters with no problem! :slight_smile:
I used the filter you recommended :poly-sync-xtr-mp.
The difference in sound compared to the -2s is great! It sounds really good!

What are actually the differences between all the filters? How do I know what filter is good for what song?

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