Upgrade / move to new VM

i need to move my roon to other VM but i want to clear install…

whats the best way how to migrate settings as Zones, mount points, playlists / tags?


Simply follow the migration guide in the Roon Knowledge Base - Migration.

thanks, i set backup/target local FS… its now in state preparing … but it takes quite a long time… how can i see if backup process is running … can i see that in ps axu? thanks

When you run the backup Roon will show progress under Settings > Backups > Backup Status, e.g. Preparing. You’ll also see the date and time of the last successful backup here.

The backup can take some time if you have a large library.

If you haven’t done so already I recommend you schedule backups.

also some playlists when i click on … there is an Export option … and others miss it so i cant manually export these… no idea why?

just quick update… Export finished successfully.

Is it good idea to restore backup of roon v 1.6 to fresh install of v1.7?

Also I am still wondering why some playlists in v1.6 if i click on 3dots … there is no option to Export it.


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It’s good to hear that the backup has successfully completed. Your playlists are included in the backup of Roon database so no need to worry about them.

Ideally, upgrade your current Roon install to 1.7, take a clean backup, and then create your new VM. I’m not sure how 1.7 will handle a 1.6 database–@support may confirm this. Also, I suggest you retain your existing VM or a backup of this before starting from scratch.

If you’re using Linux I recommend Veeam Agent for Linux for system backups. This is free to use, is great for barebones recovery, and will take a snapshot of the Roon database too.



Your Roon database contains your edits, playlists, favorites, play history, login information, and settings.

You should be able to restore an older 1.6 database to a fresh 1.7 install, I don’t foresee any issues, although do let us know how the restore process goes!

If the playlists reside on a streaming service (TIDAL/Qobuz), there will be no export option. These playlists will automatically be re-added once you login to your TIDAL/Qobuz account in Roon.

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