Upgrade my Roon Core

Roon Core Machine is Sonic Transporter i5 CDR it is currently US$1190, does anyone know an upgrade machine which will show me a sonic improvement?

The sonic transporter i5 CDR is very convenient just slot in a cd and it is added to Roon.
Just wondering if there is another machine which can give a sonic improvement.

CDR runs to Lumin U1 mini, to Denafrips Hermes, to Terminator to Kinki Audio Pre to Denafrips Apollo and out to Aperature, Armonia Evolution Speakers.
Connections Balanced and AES.

Iā€™m not sure if a core upgrade will provide any but others may have a different view, I think upgrading the front end would potentially be a better option, maybe a LUMIN T2 , they seem to get great reviews from those that have upgraded, maybe enquire in the LUMIN section.

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Your Roon Core machine is the least important for sound quality, provided it is capable enough to stream to endpoints without hiccups, as yours clearly is. If you feel the urge to improve sound quality: speakers > amps > pre > DAC > streamer > server.

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