Upgrade NUC8I7BEH2

Do you recommend me upgrade to NUC 10I7FNKN2 or it’s waste money?

You didn’t say what you have now or how you run Roon, so it’s difficult to opine on whether an upgrade is a needed.

That being said, the GEN8 NUCs seem to be the sweet spot, at least for a ROCK machine.

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NAS Synology 3617 + NUC Rock.
I have 3 000 albums and use Tidal + Qobuz.

If you have no problems running Roon, then an upgrade is probably a waste.

An upgrade does not imply improved SQ. Look elsewhere for that.

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I’m running ROCK on a NUC8i5BEH and it’s perfectly fine for me, with around 6,000 albums.


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Unless there is a massive DSP processing requirement into multiple zones or a Music Library extending well beyond 250,000 tracks - an i7 NUC8 will just be idling

Running ROCK on a NUC5i3 with 8GB RAM and an m.SATA 240GB SSD without any problems, with a library of 94,000 tracks/7,000 albums into several zones (up to 7) with a range of different endpoints.
In fact I have Benchmarked the NUC5i3 and it was capable of upsampling to DSD128, using complex convolution EQ filters, down converting DXD formats - all at the same time while maintain playback into multiple zones. These are all listed in a thread on this forum.
So this an upgrade from a NUC8i7, which is already well overspecified, to a NUC10i7 would a waste of funds and time.

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It’s my understanding that single core processing speed plays a big part in Roon’s performance on a platform. If that is indeed the case then the NUC8I7BEH with a base processor frequency of 2.70 GHz would be better for Roon than the NUC10I7FNK with a base processor frequency of 1.10 GHz. Don’t know how to compare other features and the impact on performance.

I’ve had the NUC8I7BEH/Rock server for 2 years now. No performance issues, no problems and no desire to upgrade.

I do understand the lure of newer has to be better but I don;t see it here.

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