Upgrade problems

My iPad app would not upgrade, I have posted about this but the posts are not visible to me.
To achieve the app upgrade, I removed and re loaded the app from The I Store.
Now I have lost all but one of my favourite tracks and all my play counts.
I have restored back up to no avail.
Any ideas would be welcome.

Hey Chris,

What build tablet app do you have. Roon just upgraded the Core to version 298, but no new tablet app has come out yet (294). Seems to me a matching tablet app update shows up within a couple of days of the main firmware updates. Just a thought.

Nope, I have 298

The app didn’t prompt an update. My android tablet did and all my favs and track counts show in this app.

Ok, problem solved. The wrong profile was selected, my bad. Hopefully others can learn from my mistake.
With my profile all the play counts and favs have returned. Phew… Chris :nerd_face:

Where do you find the lastest upgrade, the version on my computer, Apple Pro, and how to safely upgrade?

I deleted my app and re loaded it. I just got in a mess with the profile. I also had to re enable my Meridian end points.
Funny, that android app offered up an upgrade.

I just found Roon Remote in the App Store

I have two i-pads, and only one showed the upgrade available. I upgraded the one, and 298 works fine for me. Had to delete and reload the remote app to get the second i-pad updated.

Glad you were able to resolve your issue.

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