Upgrade the motherboard in MERGING+PLAYER

How to change the NUC in Merging+Player to improve performance?
Existing NUC

  1. NUC6i3SYB
  2. Kingston 4GB RAM
  3. Kingston 120GB M2.SSD
  4. Original factory Recovery USB
    Purchased new NUC
  5. NUC7i7DNBE (upgraded BIOS and installed rock and can operate)
  6. Kingston Hyperx 8GB RAM x2
  7. Samsung 970 EVO 256GB M2.SSD

Tried to replace NUC but not successful (Original factory provides recovery procedure). Please provide replacement NUC methods and steps.

Thank you very much!

Welcome to the forum, @LI_WAI_HUNG!

I am assuming you want to move your existing Core from one device to another. Have you read the following article?


Dear Martin,

I want to replace NUC.

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You should contact Merging Technologies. I’m sure they can work something out with you.

They told me to come here and ask for help.

Who told you that at Merging? I’ve contacted them to find out what the story is.

Dominique Brulhart

Just spoke with Dominique.

The reset image they provide will not work on the board you wish to upgrade. This board did not exist nor did Roon OS support this board when they built the image and shipped the unit.

If you were to run ROCK on this, your audio support would disappear, because the NADAC+PLAYER has a custom Roon OS.

There is a way to do this, but it requires an updated Roon OS for NADAC+PLAYER. There is a plan to deploy this, but it is not out yet. Soon, but neither I nor Merging can provide you a schedule.

Dear Danny,

Thank you very much for you reply.

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