Upgrade to Lifetime from Trial Roon

I recently updated from a Trial version of Roon to a Lifetime membership. The transition is apparently not seamless. I don’t understand why my upgrade does not allow me to access my music like the trial version did. After all of the trouble that I had getting the trial version to work properly with my DAC & NAS I am apprehensive about trying get my full time membership version to work again. Can you help me?

Let’s get @kevin to look into this for you.

I’m unlisting you post, which is what we do for membership issues.

Cheers, Greg


I can’t get Roon to work properly after upgrading from a trial version to a life time membership.

Before upgrading, I kept getting reminders that my trial version of Roon was expiring but when I clicked on the button to upgrade, it did not work, so I went to the Roon website and upgraded to a life time membership. Due to an error on my part in clicking the wrong button, the Roon software analyzed the wrong music files (the I-tunes music files on my desktop computer) and not the FLAC files on my Vortexbox server. I therefore uninstalled Roon and re-installed it and pointed it to the IP address for my FLAC music files on the Vortexbox server.

Right now I am unable to play any music using Roon

Here is what happens when I click on the Roon Icon:

Sometimes it can’t find the Roon core so I can’t play music .Why does this happen so often?

Sometimes the Roon page comes up but I can’t play music because it says no devices are connected and when I try to connect a device, Roon does not recognise my Sonic Transporter i5 server, MicroRendu microprocesser or my Audio-gd DAC. These are all connected to my home network but are not being recognized by Roon. I am trying to use my Dell XPS8700 desktop computer as the remote control and the SonicTranspoerterI5 as the Roon core. I’ve tried rebooting and have checked Ethernet & USB connections. Can you help me?


Hi @Greg_Johnson, all of your account information looks good (your trial is expired and you’re properly upgraded to the lifetime membership), so I’m going to pass this on to @support who will help to resolve this.

Just so they can get a head start, please follow up in this thread with a little more information about your setup as described here. Thanks!

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With the help of Andrew Gillis (Small Green computer) I was able to enter the website http://sonictransporter.com & to enable my microprocessor microRendu (connected to my sonicTransporteri5 server & DAC) and start using Roon to listen to music through my earphones with my Dell desktop XPS 8700 computer as a remote controller (Windows 10).

Please note however that I am still having frequent problems with Roon in that when I click on the Roon icon, often a message appears that it is looking for the core, but it does not find it. Do you have any solution to this problem?


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