Upgrade with Computer Swap

Roon Core Machine

Switching from an old MacBook Air Intel 16GB running MacOS 10.13
Upgrading to a Mac mini M1 16GB running MacOS 12.6

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Netgear WiFi

Connected Audio Devices

Currently using USB-based external storage array for music, planning to migrate it to Mac Mini. Mac mini will RAAT stream to Roon Remotes and Roon Ready amplifier.

Number of Tracks in Library

~ 12,500 tracks

Description of Issue

MacBook Air, running Roon v1.8, not compatible with more recent MacOS versions. Roon v2.0 not compatible with MacBook’s MacOs 10.13. Bought new Mac mini running MacOs 12.6 to replace MacBook Air. Roon instructions on migrating to new computer states that the original computer should be brought up to the latest Roon version, which is not possible. Roon does not support downloading previous versions, hence I cannot install Roon v1.8 on the Mac mini to effect the migration.

What is the most appropriate approach to accomplish this combined computer and version migration? Can I effectively do a Roon v1.8 to v2.0 migration?

Thank you!

Do you have a backup made from within Roon of your MacBook Air Core and settings? Also, do you have your music library backed up? You should be able to take a Core 1.8 backup and apply it to a migrated Core running 2.0.

Install Roon on the mini using the Mac .DMG file from Roon’s download link, make sure you have your Roon backup on a separate disk, your music library available, and also make sure you have logged out of the MacBook Air Core. Then run Roon on the mini, and select “Restore from backup” at the bottom of the first screen, point it to the Roon backup, and then you can load your music (or alternately have your music library already on the mini and point the restored Core to its file location after the Core is restored from the backup).

Have you read these guides:

All done. Worked perfectly. Thanks for the guidance.

Great to hear @Matt_Clark1, enjoy the music :musical_note:!

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