Upgraded to 1.8 AND changed the core location at the same time

So I bought a new Maci Mini M1 as a dedicated server (finally!) without considering that this was the 1.8 update week and maybe migrating my core in the midst of a major update was a fools errand.

Let me say it has been a flawless upgrade and migration process!

My Roon client endpoints auto updated! All of my original metadata has been preserved! The whole process was perfect. I’d like to thank the Roon team for all the hard work they’re doing. I know there are others who have not had such a pain-free experience. I empathize and respect the problems they are observing. But I’m super happy with what I’ve experienced so far.

Oh - I don’t think the 1.8 UI updates are for the best at the moment. Much preferred the old UI. But progress is, as progress is.

Congrats to the team on what you have achieved. Please keep it up!!!

Rob the Rooner

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