Upgraded to MacOS Ventura, no longer able to add Qobuz albums to Roon library

Roon Core Machine

Roon Core is Innuos Zenith SE (28% HD capacity), Mac Studio M1, 64 GB RAM, MacOS Ventura. System worked fine. Day I updated to Ventura could no longer add Qobuz albums to Roon Library. Not certain the two (MacOS upgrade and Roon Library behavior) are linked.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Direct internet to Linksys Velop Router 2022 to Roon Core

Connected Audio Devices

Innuos Zenith SE (USB) → Chord Hugo MS Scaler → Chord Dave → Focal Utopia headphones
not relevant, work fine.

Number of Tracks in Library

77,378 tracks

Description of Issue

No longer able to add Qobuz albums to Roon library. Been doing this since started Qobuz subscription 3 y ago. Can play albums in Roon, just can’t add. Behavior started 2022.11.02. Try to add album by clicking on encircled + in Roon

and obtain whirling progress circle that never goes away and there is no evidence of addition to library when I search library. Does not appear in Albums sorted by date added, which was the behavior previously. This is the way I review music I read about in Gramophone, International Piano, BBC Music, JazzTimes and others or hear on wonderful Roon Radio for subsequent purchase. Would love to have this functionality back.

Can’t remember which album it was, had same behaviour recently with just that one album, but could add it after a server restart - so, can you add other albums still and have you tried a reboot of the core?

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Hi Marin,

Thank you for taking the time to respond. Happens with any album. Have tried with > 100.

Had a look at InnuOS Sense and found I had an update (2.2.2–>2.2.3) to make, which would result in a Zenith SE reboot. Did this and am now able to add Qobuz albums to Roon Library again. Had tried a Zenith SE reboot before, but your note had me wanting to try again and I discovered the update (which was described as a reversion, don’t know details).

Problem is resolved and, as I noted, I wasn’t sure what it was. Several moving parts here. Appreciate your willingness to help. Nothing to do with Roon, as is so often the case. Just wasn’t sure.

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