Upgraded to Roon 1.8 (build 1105) - Songs play for a minute or two and stop


Roon Core Machine

Roon Core, Intel NUC 11, i7, 16GB RAM, 2TB SSD, GB ethernet. W11 64bit.
NAS Raspberry Pi 4B, OMV6, patched to latest version.
RME DAC-2 FS, but playing from the Roon Core to isolate from any issues.
All devices are Ethernet connected at 1GB.

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Unifi Enterprise network gear. All ethernet connected.

Connected Audio Devices

Isolated playing music to the NUC for now. Same problem occurs with the other interfaces. Keeping it isolated, should help with troubleshooting.

Number of Tracks in Library

23,000 odd tracks

Description of Issue

Just completed the update and now a song plays for 1 to 2 minutes and stops.

Rebooted, the Core, endpoints and NAS. No improvement.
Rescanned all file locations. No improvement.
Tested playing music from the NAS thru Windows Media Player. this works.
Ping tests to the Roon Core remain consistent at the time the playing stops.
I have cleaned the Roon database as well.
Removed all Roon endpoints to test locally on the Roon Core.
Problem remains.

Anything else I could try?

If I had to guess, Roon seems to be finding the tracks very slowly and loosing connection, somehow. Oddly though, memory is ok the NUC and network speed ok… Tracks can be played via WMP easily.

Thank you.

Should it help…I do see, if I wait… Waiting for Roon Core , with a circle spinning.

Though I am on the Roon Core itself… and there is no performance issues on the NUC.

Unfortunately Roon is not usable in this state.


Hi @Andrew_PM,

What an odd issue. I’m sorry you’re having trouble.

While I was looking at things I enabled diagnostics and this is a recurring theme in the logging. I’ve omitted your last internal IP octet for the public post:

09/18 20:02:42 Trace: [push2] exception thrown. restarting connection (An internal WebSocket error occurred. Please see the innerException, if present, for more details. )
09/18 20:02:42 Trace: [push2] retrying connection in 27505ms
09/18 20:02:45 Trace: [client/roonbridges] [RoonBridge ropieeexl @ 10.1.1.x:38605] lost client connection. Retrying
09/18 20:02:45 Trace: [client/roonbridges] [RoonBridge ropieeexl @ 10.1.1.x:38605] connecting (attempt 1)
09/18 20:02:45 Trace: [client/roonbridges] [RoonBridge ropieeexl @ 10.1.1.x:38605] connected

One thing we can try aside from looking at the Ropiee is to duplicate the issue and reply to me with the date/time/track name so I can further isolate this for us. Please do and let me know!


Hi Wes,

Details below. Perhaps send thru the full log from these times. It may help my troubleshooting.

6:05pm AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time) Kiss Alive Deuce. Endpoint → Surface Test.
7:50pm AC/DC - Riff Raff – Endpoint → Roopiee
8:52pm Motley Crue - Come on and Dance → Endpoint DietPi
8:55pm Motley Crue – Public Enemy #1 → Endpoint DietPi

21/09/2022 18:26 I drink alone → Endpoint DietPi
missed time - Dazed and Confused
missed time - Miami
19:08 I’m a loser
19:12 Pack it up